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San Diego Decorative Concrete

San Diego Decorative Concrete has evolved through the years following trends at first set by utilization needs but eventually the industry began to shift to interior design trends. In the past concrete flooring was laid down solely for utilitarian purposes; namely, concrete was a hard and durable surface suitable for commercial garages, industrial warehouses and the like. However, this is no longer the case. Advancements in technology have allowed contractors to lay down decorative concrete that is suitable for foyers, kitchens, bathrooms, and high end courtyards. Concrete has become a decorative element offering a variety of creative colors, styles, and patterns.

Decorative Concrete Techniques

  • Stamped Concrete: concrete surfaces are given textures and definition so that it looks like stone, tile, slate, and wood. Read more…
  • Concrete Dyes: concrete is given colors by the use of dyes and inks. These are applied to the surface of gray or light-colored concrete and allowed to sink in. Dyes dissolved in water tend to fade with sunlight and concrete treated in this manner should be restricted to indoor flooring and surfaces. However, dyes can be dissolved in other solvents which will allow the color to resist fading in sunlight.
  • Concrete Staining: stains are applied and unlike dyes, they react chemically with the concrete itself so the color does not fade. Concrete staining enhances color and texture but does not hide or change the original color of the concrete. Read more…
  • Concrete Overlays: thin, cement-like layers of material which can be placed on top of concrete to give it a new surface. The overlay can be of a different color or have a stamped pattern (for example, giving the appearance of a brick walkway instead of a concrete slab). Overlays can be used to repair, regrade (leveling), or beautify concrete surfaces.
  • Concrete Polishing: mechanical grinders with diamond pads are used to smooth out concrete giving it a reflective, glassy finish. Read more…
  • Concrete Engraving: engraving tools fitted with diamond blades are used to cut lines, grooves, geometric patterns, and shapes along the surface of polished concrete. Engraving gives concrete distinction and detailing.
  • Form Liner: used predominantly for larger structures such as bridges and retaining walls. Form liners (or molds) are made and concrete is poured into the form liner. Once solidified, the form liner is removed to give a molded concrete shape which is then used to decorate bridges and exterior walls.

Concrete does not need to be gray and drab looking. The technicians at Diaz Floor Covering Specialists are skilled in San Diego decorative concrete and can bring out the beauty in your floors.

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